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Children’s Dental Tips


Dental Tips to Keep Children’s Teeth Healthy

  • Many people wonder at what age their children should start seeing a dentist.  The American Dental Association recommends that children have their first dental visit at 12 months of age.  
  • Start by using a small amount of fluoridated tooth paste (size of a grain of rice) on a child sized toothbrush.
  • Regular check-ups (every 6 months) combined with cleaning, fluoride application, and sealants, can help reduce tooth decay. 
  • Do not give children a night time bottle with anything other than water.
  • Encourage kids to use a cup by their 1st birthday.
  • Avoid soft drinks.  Good alternatives are water or milk.
  • Encourage your children to develop good brushing and flossing habits.
  • If your children chew gum, make it sugarless.  Sugarless gum can increase saliva and help wash out food and acid.
  • If your children play sports, mouth guards can prevent injury to the mouth and can also help prevent concussions.
  • If your tooth is knocked out it is best to rinse with clean water and try to place back into the socket.  Ideally the tooth needs to be put back in within an hour…if you are unable to put back in, store in milk and get you your dentist as soon as possible.

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