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Do You Floss?

“Do you floss?”

“You need to change your habits!” We have all heard or thought this at some point in our lives.  Whether it be serious issues with addiction or less serious issues like daily flossing of your teeth, behavior modifications can take time.  Change can be hard.  The Cycle of Change model was created in 1983 by Prochaska and DiClemente. Below is a simplified version of the model that explains the process of change. 

cycle-change-thumbIt is interesting to note that the process of change can begin only with the awareness that a problem exists.  Often times we move through life not knowing that a particular behavior is causing a negative effect on our lives or lives around us.  Then something happens that creates an awareness that something negative has happened. Still, we may or may not choose to act.  Let’s look at getting a tooth ache for example…A person may develop a habit of drinking an acidic beverage like an energy drink or diet soda, over time they develop several cavities, a cavity grows until the tooth chips or it becomes sensitive. We go through the process to fix the tooth, discuss the root cause for the decay and come up with a plan to prevent similar future outcomes.

Could the beverage habit change?  Could you be on this upward spiral?  As you can see from the diagram…hopefully!  Give yourself a hug because change takes time!  Here at Winter Park Dental we are here to assist you in improving your dental health. If you have any questions please give us a call at (970) 726-5556.

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